Can my life as a deaf parent affect the relationship between me and my hearing children?

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My life as a deaf parent is very complex. It does not necessarily mean I am unable to raise my children. I have been deaf since I was six months old due to severe ear infection. However, I have advantages. I can talk and hear well when I am using my hearing aids. There may be times I don't use my hearing aids, and that is when it is most difficult understanding my children.

The best way to communicate with your children is to teach them sign languages. Sadly, many hearing children do take advantage of their parents by talking behind their back after being disciplined. Sometimes children may lose interest in communicating with their parents using sign languages. Deaf parents would have to use their eyes more to know what their children are up to. Some children would feel embarrassed to have their friends around their parents. For that reason, deaf parents are very expressive. They use their body languages as if they're showing intense emotions. Therefore, deaf parents feel that it is one way of communicating.

In addition, it is their way of having someone to understand what they are trying to say. What if the parents are profoundly deaf? That is when it is most difficult. In the old days, people have perceived deaf people as dumb, or mentally impaired. What they didn't know is deaf people can have the same intelligence as hearing people. Even to this day, some deaf people have lower education background. For generations, the parents of deaf children felt that they did not have the capability to expand their mind and survive without someone to speak for them. There are proven facts that deaf people have graduated from colleges, and they can be anything they want to be.

The issue with being successful, deaf people are still being discriminated. Deaf people felt that they are being treated as a minority. That doesn't mean I should lose hope, because more deaf people have found ways to live their life comfortably. One of the best candidate is Marlee Matlin, she has successfully became a deaf actress. If she can do it, so can I.

As for being a deaf parent, I can still be able to raise my children with love. I am one of the fortunate deaf people whose parent had treated them as if they are normal human being. My mother has always encouraged me to pursue my art career, because she knows that I can do anything. She never treated me like I am disabled. She once has told me that deaf people are God's special children.

If I were to have deaf children, life may have been less complicated. Although, that doesn't mean I am not capable raising my own children. It is still difficult to raise my children, and guide them to the right path. However, that still doesn't mean it cannot happen. There are classes and programs that can help deaf parents raise their children much easier. My life as a deaf parent has been a wonderful, and difficult experience. With love, I can do what is best for them, and all I need to do is don't give up.

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