How can parents encourage early reading in their young children?

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Alida’s newborn was fascinated by his ABC cloth book in the early days of her life. Months later the infant was still happily turning the pages over and cooing at the bright colors, A for an apple with a smiling bug inside it that could be pulled from both sides, B for a colorful boat in bright blue sea and crinkly sail, C for cat with its bright orange face and a rubber tongue.

So why are infants inundated with alphabets that early on by parents, companies, and child care with toys, songs, and games? Is it that at some level the children are able to recognize the lines and curves that make up alphabets or is it just a way to introduce infants to letters to promote early reading? Actually it is a combination of both, say experts. Perhaps the early recognition of letters in infants is merely a memorization of an assortment of shapes but it is a step in the right direction. By 12 months of age, children start recognizing the pattern of words.

In the U.S. today, by the time a child reaches 8 years of age, only 40% can read by themselves. Children are known to learn more in the first 3-5 years of life than at any other time so it is very important to introduce reading at an early age. The brain synapses are developing at a rapid rate and like hot iron, can be molded in any shape or direction. Experts believe now that early reading will stimulate and challenge the mental development of a child and will result in lasting advantages for the young child. For the purpose of our discussion, let’s dissect speech. Speech is a continuous stream of words that the listener will break into little units for comprehension.

So when should such exposure to letters begin? Experts say right away. Start reading to your newborn from day one. Early reading intervention results in a solid foundation. It is up to parents to encourage early reading in their young children. Expose babies to alphabets in brightly colored cloth and board books and read aloud simple stories. Choose toys that promote letter recognition.

Your Baby Can Read is a video series developed by Robert Titzer, PhD, for his daughters that promotes early reading in infants and toddlers. Dr. Titzer is an expert in the field of infant learning. His work has been authenticated in scientific journals such as the Psychological Review . Parents have reported that exposure to his videos at an early age has resulted in remarkable and early achievement of reading milestones in their children. So much so that Dr. Titzer claims that his daughter started reading at the age of 18 months with the help of these videos.

Encourage early reading by letting your child babble and at the accidental sound of a letter, repeat it with your infant. For instance, ba can be associated with bottle. Chances are your infant will pick up your cues and will be on his way to becoming a great reader.

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