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How lucky am I?

If you ask me, my parents should be celebrated every day. My family life growing up was positive, grounded, nurturing, and supportive. My parents believed that you went to school and got your education and became productive members of your community, as well as having values and integrity. There was peace growing up in their home for my siblings and I. And also vacations, birthday parties, family reunions, and just a lot of love. It never fails to make me sad to hear others talk about how they never had a relationship with their parents or families. I guess because I came from a very close knit family, that celebrated everyone's victories, and laughed and cried together, I don't understand not being close, and it makes me sad for those who bear that cross. Oh no, it wasn't always sunshine and roses. There were down times, tough times, and yes, even tears. But we were a family and we got through the tough times together. Therein another lesson, when things are hard, you pull together and get through together. The wonderful lessons that my parents passed to me are what I to pass on to my daughter. I've taught her to be confidant and believe in herself. To be honest and treat others as she wants to be treated. And I've been successful. She's a strong young woman who isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Being a single parent isn't easy, especially to a teenager. Going through divorce wasn't as hard for me as it was for my little girl. It was painful to realize that my child would be a child of divorce and go through something that I never did. There again is where family was so important and rallied around to give us the love and support that we needed when we need it the most. And we have our share of arguements, raised voices, Boys!, tears, (mostly mine!), the inevitable testing of boundaries. Some days I wish she'd go from 13 to 30 already! And being 1800 miles away from my family doesn't always help.But it's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder and we do all come back together, it's just joyous. And thanks to my parents, and how they raised their children, and me gave me the confidence, patience, and strength to raise my daughter to be responsible, comfortable with herself, and just plain happy. And family life today, with my daughter and my own family is better than I could hope for. My parents' are children are successful, honest, contented adults, and their grandchildren are surrounded with love, guidance, and encouragement, as we were growing up. Family life has changed in so many ways for all of us. We've got different schedules, we're spread out across the country, raising families, but we all know we're never farther than a phone apart. And in between those busy homecomings, we've got a lot of love between all of us. That's my Family life.

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