Where can I find an event & party planning service that will include pony rides and a cake made to look like a cow pie?

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Answered by: Andrea, An Expert in the Celebrations and Fun Category
Interested in a fun celebration sure to please? Don't want to hit the giant mouse house with this germ factory arcade? Look no further than Pony Express Event & Party Planning! We will come to your home with our Shetland ponies, a real cowpoke and a delicious cow pie cake, complete with candy flies!

In these economic times, parents are grasping the reins when it comes to extracurricular spending and many popular childrens event spaces are simply too expensive. At Pony Express Party Planning, your home is the ranch and your birthday child is the wrangler! Our ponies are potty trained (so no real cow pies left behind!), very small yet strong enough to carry a child up to 100 pounds. We provide a barrel of fun with our Old West child sized outfits for the little cow pokes. Our pony handler is also a professional photographer and will use your camera for the perfect shots! A fun, inexpensive way to deliver an impressive event with a wallop!

In our corral, we have some of the best darn pony handlers this side of the Mississippi! In addition to being professional photographers, all are veterinarians and pediatricians during their off hours, so your children (and our ponies) have the best care imaginable! They have trained the ponies to use the Pony Express exclusive Pony Potty and come equipped with their doctor bag in case a pony rider takes to feelin' a tad under the weather.

Our Cow Pie Cake baker is the best in the business! Originally from Texas, Cow Pie Cathy and her team know how to mix, stir and bake better than Paula Deen! We use all natural, certified 100% organic ingredients in our cow pies and create candy flies out of magic pixie pony dust. Our Cow Pie Cake has negative calories, which means mom and dad can have a big ol' slap o' pie themselves and look forward to dropping at least five pounds within 24 hours. Because this magic ingredient only works on adults, your little cowpokes will simply feel like they are riding high....it'll give them plenty of energy for the lasso contest (available for an additional fee unless parents agree to be lassoed...then no fee applies but parents must sign a damage waiver and agree to be filmed for youtube purposes and our own enjoyment.)

For additional fees, we will provide some Cowboy (or Cowgirl) Cola, Home on the Range Burgers, Fried Spuds and all of the necessary fixins....including bandanna napkins and straw to chew on once everyone has had a chance to chow down! Best of all, you don't have a mess to clean! We take it all with us, leaving you with a camera loaded with professionally taken photos, great memories and, if your lucky, some leftover Cow Pie Cake.

Don't wait! Call or email Pony Express Event & Party Planning today to schedule your event and turn your child's birthday into an old west extravaganza! Check out our website at www.ponypartyexpress.com and see for yourself what all the fussin' about!

Yeeeee Haw!

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