Should I send my 9 year old daughter to sleepaway camp for 7 weeks?

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Answered by: Reema, An Expert in the Health and Development Category

Well, seven weeks is a long time for your daughter to be away from you. What is your relationship level with her? Does she let in on all her fears and fantasies? Do not be scary, but you should tell her about the dangers of staying in a camp with other kids, especially if there are boys too.

Has she ever stayed away from you? Does she have sleepovers at her friends homes? Is this is the first time she is being away for several nights at a stretch?

If you daughter is mature enough to look after herself, then send her. She must know about the big bad world outside, but be protective and tell her what all can go wrong. On the other hand, tell her how exciting it is going to be and how grown up she is going to look like.

I hope you find this 'advice' helpful.



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