How do you mentally prepare yourself for your child's first day of school?

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Even if your little one went to preschool, nothing is as emotional as the first day of school. Like any semi-neurotic parent, you have checked and double checked you child's backpack, crayons, paper supply, and even his safety scissors. On the first day of school, you will find that none of that matters. The teacher will give you a wish list which will request that your child bring none of those items to class daily and that you donate items for group consumption, such as facial tissue and hand sanitizer.

Of course, none of this matters at the time you are leaving your little on for the first time at the mercy of a kindergarten teacher. There may be tears for you and the baby, and you'll know deep down that your baby that you brought home from the hospital all those five years ago is growing up. If you anticipate the tears being too much, plan to stay for a while with your child to help calm her and get her acclimated to the idea of staying in a classroom with 20 other children and a new adult. Remind your baby that it is only temporary and the first day of school cannot last forever.

When you leave your child, know that when the end of the day comes, you will be there to take him home, and it gets better, easier as the years go by. 1st grade you will have a heads up on the materials teachers really want.

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